Long pixie cut hairstyles

#34: Short Asymmetrical haircut Theres no need for a drastic undercut to pull off a pixie-like bob, a subtle difference kruidvat in length can look just as good. This style sports long cheek-grazing layers on one side of the face and shorter swept back locks on the other. #35: Classic Curly pixie cut Girls with curly hair have an advantage of being able to rock a longer pixie in two different ways. Wear your hair natural and curly for a deceptively short cropped look. Or, straighten your hair for a longer inverted bob style. #36: Undercut Pixie with Purple highlights Long pixie haircuts look best with a bit of color! These purple and black pieces highlight the stacked back with an undercut. Maximize the inverted pixie bob with shorter layers to show off the color and texture of the style. #37: Long Pixie with Choppy Fringe This choppy platinum blond style really does make the wearer look like a fairytale pixie — or perhaps the fairy tinkerbell. Note that the fringe is much longer than the hair at the back of the head, which works toward building a bit of natural volume at the top.

long pixie cut hairstyles

70 Short Shaggy, spiky, edgy pixie cuts and hairstyles

The buzzed back and sides make a great contrast annual with the long top, and the inverted shape creates a totally edgy look. #29: Mermaid Green Long Pixie the longer pixie can be feminine and face-framing as well as short and quirky. With short cropped hair on one side and long sweeping bangs on the other, this style perfectly blends two lengths into one style. And, a root fade if plan to sport an unnatural hair color like this emerald green. #30: Long Gothic Pixie this season be ready to spice up long pixie cuts with unusual colors and tousled styling. This long pixie sports cropped side bangs and a stacked back. Make the most of the look with lots of layers and a generous amount of hairspray, wax or gel. #31: Pink and Orange haircut The neatly shaved undercut and the sweeping lengthy top section make for a really unique hairstyle. This is a relatively low maintenance do too; the striking cut and bright colors draw attention on their own, so there isnt much need for styling! #32: Gorgeous Long Lilac Inverted Bob This is a beautiful transition style between a pixie and a bob. The graduation between the lengths is smooth and neat perfect for those who want a short style appropriate for formal events. #33: Feminine Blonde layered Pixie a long pixie haircut can be worn with shorter bangs to soften the face and a few side layers to give it a cool angled frame. This particular style covers the ears and accentuates the jaw line ideal for oval roanoke and heart-shaped faces.

long pixie cut hairstyles

with soft stacked, v-cut layers cut around the crown. This silky short hairstyle can be blow dried smooth and teased at the roots to show off its stunning shape. You may also want to highlight your locks subtly to produce a shiny, polished effect. #26: Long Blonde pixie with v-cut layers A longer length of the longer pixie cut allows to experiment with silhouettes of your hairstyle varying the amount, length and position of layers. You may try cuts short in the front and long in the back or go with an extremely short nape and long flowy layers on top. #27: Ash Blonde Asymmetric Bob The most unique long pixie styles are the ones that aptly pair two entirely different lengths of hair. Three quarters of this haircut are a bob with the remaining section being a short pixie-length. Tie the two parts together with a striking hair color. #28: Cute layered Inverted Pixie bob An inverted pixie bob is perfect for formal events and daily wear, depending on how you style.

60 Gorgeous, long, pixie, hairstyles #20: Wispy, cut for poker Straight

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#20: Wispy cut for poker Straight hair you can establish interest with poker straight hair through introduction of wispy layers. Embracing the inverted bob shape, its ideal for women with fine hair as it immediately pumps up the volume. #21: wavy pixie japa with Undercut This long pixie cut has all the volume and femininity of a longer cut with the ease of a short style. A slight undercut will draw attention to waves and curls in the top layer, and the stacked back will add some height. #22: Long Pixie with Swoopy layers Put a contemporary spin on this hair conventional pixie cut by incorporating swoopy layers. These do develop dynamic lines that are sure to dazzle. Use a smoothing cream to eliminate any flyaways for a trendy and lustrous look. #23: Silver Pixie with Long Chopped layers If youre feeling experimental, try a dramatic yet reasonably long pixie haircut. As well as being ahead of the style pack, this do features choppy layers that create some stunning distinction. Just make sure that you wash your hair with a purple shampoo to prolong the ashy color. #24: Voluminous feathered Pixie to make your ordinary pixie stand out, give it more texture and definition with layers and backcombed styling.

If your hair is naturally curly, let it flow freely on top and contrast this wildness with a closely cropped back section. #17: neat Black pixie with Long Bangs. Quirky and alternative, this long pixie cut has a shorter back that has been stacked and undercut as a point of difference. It utilizes blended layers to create a round shape at the crown, which lifts up the hair to cause fullness. #18: Messy auburn Pixie cut, a bright personality can pull off a cheeky pixie look. Just because its short doesnt mean it cant be layered. Loads of angles and a ton of texture liven up your look. A sizzling hot red color could be just what you need to take your pixie to the next level. #19: Vintage long Pixie bring back a vintage feel from the old Hollywood with a sultry short hairstyle. A deep part with a voluminous side-sweep is beautiful yet easy to pull off. Let your long side bangs flip out at the end. Tease the roots to create the right amount of height.

21 Stunning Long Pixie cuts - short

The shape is built with long and short choppy layers covering the back undercut to construct a polished and refined appearance. Blow dry smooth to amp up the glamor. #14: Classy feathered and Tapered Pixie. A long pixie cut physalis can be effortlessly revamped using the feathering and tapering techniques. To adopt the understated, feathered look and avoid leaving a blunt edge, the hair is sliced with a razor. The result is gorgeous and elegant. #15: Long Pixie with Dimensional layers. Dimensional layers are accomplished through a multitude of lengths and highlights. Here, images show that different shades of blonde really complement a pixie cut with a choppy finish. It requires minimal styling. #16: Pixie undercut with Curly top. A short curly bob or a longer pixie is given an instant style update with an undercut. long pixie cut hairstyles

#10: Shaggy side-Swept Pixie cut. Fashion-forward and fierce-looking, a dagcreme shaggy overgang pixie that has been side-swept and disheveled epitomizes androgyny. The super short lengths require a reasonable amount of boldness to pull off, but the result is undeniably striking. #11: Side-parted Pixie bob with Tapered Nape. Add pizzazz to a pixie bob haircut by enforcing a tapered nape, where your hair length gradually becomes shorter from the top of the head down to the nape of your neck. As well as producing an individualistic shape, the side parting inspires visual intrigue. #12: Uneven Shaggy pixie bob, if you want a cut that screams carefree, choose an uneven shaggy pixie. The lengths vary significantly to achieve the mussed up, chaotic effect. Request an unusual coloring and wear your locks naturally tousled for a standout aesthetic. #13: Classy long layered Pixie, if you desire a pixie cut that oozes class and sophistication, this long, layered option might be the one for you.

60 Gorgeous Long Pixie hairstyles - the right hairstyles

This approach has recently been made popular thanks to celebrities such as Katy perry and Miley cyrus. #7: High lavender Cut. With a short undercut do thats long on top, you can add height and give the style more volume. Part hair to one side and backcomb from the deep side swept bang to the crown. Be sure to get the ends thinned out to keep the cut light and easy to style. Such a simple and elegant look can get away with a fun purple or pink tinge. #8: Blonde vintage pixie, a long pixie can easily be treatment manipulated into a retro-inspired style with a round shape reminiscent of the sixties. Think Twiggy, goldie hawn and mia farrow for inspiration. You can even flick out the ends using a curling iron for an enchanting vintage feel. #9: Almost Bob Pixie cut, a pixie can look almost like a bob when the layers are long and appear grown out. Its best worn smooth and sleek for maximum impact, which can be achieved with a straightener. Also, opt for a lengthy, sweeping side fringe to flatter and frame your face.

long pixie cut hairstyles

One of the most on-trend styles for short hair, the long pixie cut with bangs is cute and funky all year round. The choppy layers add depth, while the blonde hue makes a serious style statement. Use a texture paste to fluff up the angled pieces and further enhance the volume. #4: Edgy long Pixie for Fine hair. Due to its varied lengths, the long, layered pixie looks cool and edgy. The random shorter layers throughout redken generate some extra thickness around the crown. Simply wear your tresses smooth or ruffle them up for versatility. #5: Messy Asymmetrical Pixie cut, this edgy look is featured here in a row of pictures, which allow you to get the full scope of it — from the back view to the hip frontal part. We love the deep side parting, which achieves a spectacular dramatic effect, fit for an urban princess of hipsters, as well as for a bohemian dreamer. Source #6: Fun Orange-y undercut appelazijn Pixie, if youre searching for a unique, vibrant aesthetic, then look no further! The orange-y undercut pixie has the two-in-one fun factor. This style is developed by shaving the hair at the back of your head and leaving the longer lengths to fall freely over the shaved section.

Long Pixie - latest hairstyles

Long pixie hairstyles are a beautiful way to wear short hair. Many celebrities are now sporting this trend, as the perfect pixie look can be glamorous, elegant and sophisticated. Here we share the best hair styles and how these styles work. Check out the ideas in pictures below to get inspired. As is usually the case with layered looks, this long short cut is also appropriate for thin hair. Your locks may look wispy when cut straight, or with a round base line. But try layering various lengths of hair strands and your mane will gain tremendously in terms of volume — and with no product either! #2: shampoo Long Pixie with razored Crown layers. If you have fine hair, a pixie cut can help you to incorporate dimension and texture. Ask your stylist for razored layers at the crown to create an added height that also looks pretty fun. Youre left with a soft, wispy effect thats undeniably chic. #3: Chopped Blonde pixie with Long Bangs.

Long pixie cut hairstyles
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"The trendsetters start things; the close followers go next; then when it's safe to assume the trend is here to stay, the a-listers will get on the style-train says Smith. To wit: A-listers like michelle williams, ginnifer goodwin and Emma watson are just a few of the celebrities who have taken the pixie plunge - with gorgeous, envy-inducing results. Skip ahead to see the hottest pixie cuts. But if their flawless pixie cuts are not enough to convince you to go short, consider this: your new, stunning 'do might come with a shot of confidence.

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0 of 20, a pixie cut can intimidate even the boldest of beauty babes. Whether it's because we've rocked the same long, wavy hairstyle since high school or because we're wary of how we'll look with close-cropped hair, there's no shortage of fears when it comes to considering a pixie cut. But according to vince Smith, owner of owner. Vince Smith hair Experience in New York city, more and more women have been going shorter - way shorter. "There are always cycles when it comes to trends says Smith.

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